Following current global situation with the Covid-19 pandemic which has caused a significant number of nominated qualifying festivals to cancel this Spring and Summer, The Chair, Vice-Chair and Trustees of All England Dance have unanimously decided to defer the Regional and National Finals to 2022. This decision has been taken in order that all dancers have an equal opportunity to participate in the All England process in the usual way.

In practical terms this will mean that any nominated qualifying Festival that was due to take place in 2020 shall be a qualifier in 2021 and a 2021 qualifying festival will have its qualifying festival in 2022. The Regional Finals will take place in May 2022 and the National Finals in July / August 2022. All ages will be taken from 01st September 2021.

All England Dance are planning an Open Groups Championship to be held at The Wycombe Swan Theatre between 23rd July – 01st August 2021, no qualifying mark will be required for entry. More exciting details to follow!

Please do not post questions in the comments box, please contact us via email on info@all-england-dance.org.uk

Keep safe and keep dancing!