All England Dance

All England have just released their syllabus for the 2022 competition. Click here to view.

Southern Final

Date: 28 May –05 June 2022 (Saturday – Sunday) 11-12 June (if necessary)
at New Theatre Royal Portsmouth
Enquiries to:
Director: Alison Gaterell Mobile: 07884 258988

May 2021Southampton Stage Dance Festival
July 2021Petersfield Dance Festival
October 2021Bournemouth Music Competitions Festival
October 2021Gosport Stage Dance Festival
November 2021Winchester Festival of Dance
February 2022Chichester Festival of Music Dance and Speech
February 2022Portsmouth Music Festival
February 2022Royal Berkshire Festival of Dance
March 2022 Woking Dance Festival
March 2022 Isle of Wight Musical Competition Festival
March 2022 Tilehurst Eisteddfod
April 2022 Aldershot & Farnborough Festival of Music & Dance**
April 2022 Slough Arts Festival**

** Dances that ONLY qualify at these festivals will be given access to enter after the entry deadline of
31st March 2022. Festival organisers will submit a list of dances that will be enabled to enter within 48
hours of the end of the festival.
Any dances that have qualified at ANY festival prior to 31st March 2022
MUST be entered in accordance with the deadline and will not be accepted after this date. All entries
are validated via the nominated festival at which they qualified.