Festival 2022 General Information

We are really looking forward to hosting our 2022 festival. Below are a few notes to help us run smoothly in our new venue and keep a good relationship with our new school.

• Please drive into the main entrance of the school (The Magna Carta School, Thorpe Road, TW18 3HJ) and follow the driveway round to the back of the school where you will find a car park. You enter the school from the car park. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE MAIN ENTRANCE AT THE FRONT OF THE BUILDING, IT WILL BE LOCKED!
• The school will be open at 8.15 each morning.
• Please report to our front desk when you arrive, located in the school main reception area, where you can buy your admission tickets and programmes etc. and hand in any music. YOU ARE STILL REQUIRED TO PURCHASE AN ADMISSION TICKET EVEN IF YOU ARE ONLY GOING BACKSTAGE.
• Entry into the auditorium is only via the main reception area doors. There will be a one way in and one way out system in operation – please respect this.
• Everyone will change in the main gym. On group day only we will also be using the dance studio – please ask at the front desk where your dance school will be changing.
• A parent/teacher/guardian will be allowed backstage with competitors in Pre Junior and A sections only, unless needed for help with props.
• If you have more than one duet/trio with the same partner(s), in the same section, you can choose which dance you perform first.
• If you have more than one group in the same section, the teacher can choose which dance you perform first.
• For child protection and copyright reasons there is strictly NO photography or filming allowed. Please book with Tony our professional photographer if you would like any photographs taken which you can then buy.
• Parents/guardians are responsible for the care and supervision of their children while at the festival. Only areas used by the festival are accessible to the public. ALL OTHER AREAS OF THE SCHOOL ARE FORBIDDEN.
• Please help us keep all the areas of the school clean and tidy.
• A selection of food and drinks will be on sale in the canteen area.
• Cash or cards are accepted.