1. Professional/Amateur
The Festival is intended for amateurs. Professionals are defined as those who hold professional qualifications such as the passing of a professional examination to further their career, or whose income is mainly derived from teaching or performing professionally.

2. Entries
Entries and payment must be submitted on-line via the Slough Arts Festival website (www.slough-arts-festival.co.uk).  The closing date is 1st February 2020. Fees cannot be refunded. The committee reserves the right to refuse entries and to close the entries, ahead of the closing date, once the festival is full.

3. Age
The maximum age for solos is 18 years and 21 for all others classes. Competitors may not enter solo classes out of their age group. The age of the ELDEST competitor in a Duet, Trio/Quartet or Group determines the correct age group.

4. Adjudicator’s Decision
The adjudicator’s decision is final. Communication with the adjudicator by competitors or other interested parties is forbidden and breach of this rule renders a competitor liable to disqualification.

5. Trophies
All trophies remain the property of Slough Arts Festival. Trophy winners will be held responsible for loss and/or damage whilst in their possession. No trophies are to be taken out of the country and must be returned by the date requested in a clean and suitable condition for presentation during festival week.

6. Medals
Gold, silver or bronze medals may be awarded at the discretion of the Adjudicator.

7. Responsibility
Slough Arts Festival cannot accept responsibility for any injury to competitors or damage/loss of personal property or equipment, wherever such loss may occur.

8. Photography/Mobile Phones
No photography or video recording or use of mobile phones is allowed in the auditorium. Where parents/guardians/carers do not wish photos to be taken at all, then the responsible adult attending should ensure that their child is not included in any official authorised photos.

9. Music Copyright.
The Festival is affiliated to the British & International Federation of Festivals and participates in its Group Licence to cover payment of fees for the use of recorded music at its events. Teachers using music from commercial recordings are reminded to seek advice in order to comply with the Copyright Act.

10.  Marks

Outstanding90 and over
Fair77 and under

11.  Competitors must be ready to dance 20 minutes prior to the start of the class.

12.  Teachers must not go into the wings, unless supervising children under 9 years, without the permission of the Committee.

13.  Re-dancing will be allowed in Baby, A and B Classes only unless due to technical problems.

14.  No pointe work is allowed in sections Baby, A, B, or C.

15.  Competitors may perform ONCE only in their age group in each dance technique in a Solo section. They may perform in only FOUR Duets and FOUR Trio/Quartet sections overall.

16.  It is the teacher’s responsibility to check that music adheres to time limits. Failure to do so may result in disqualific ation.

17.    The Festival Committee reserves the right to restrict the number of entries in any class, or to combine or divide classes for adjudication. The committee has the power to resolve any ad hoc question or dispute which may arise and its decision is final.

18.  Competitors are not permitted to dance out of programme order unless costume changes apply.

19.  Music: CDs must be submitted with each dance on a separate cd and clearly labelled.

20.  In Tap sections, no tapping sound is permissible on the music track.

21. Titles can be announced and a synopsis of not more than 20 words may be given to the caller prior to the class.

22.  In Song & Dance/Musical Theatre sections, the song must be suitable for the age of the competitor and the dance should relate to the song. No vocal backing is permitted in these classes.